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Cancers are one the most common illnesses which affects a large number of population in todays world. Unfortunately, it cannot be known whom it will affect and the exact cause of the type of cancer acquired by anyone. However, if detected early it can be treated with better prognosis and lesser chances of recurrence. Some of the newer forms of treatment modalities of cancer that are present in the market today have shown to provide better results are as follows:


Regional/ Systemic Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy indicates use of one or more chemical substances either alone or in combination (regimens). These can be administered either directly to a particular region under guided delivery or through the blood circulation. The combination of drugs and their doses are carefully selected keeping in mind the patients condition and the regular research updates in the field.


Biological Therapy

They are a very form of treatment, it does not involved directly targeting the cancer cells but uses substances that help in enhancing the individuals immune system. This involves the use of monoclonal antibodies, which stimulate anticancer immune response from the host body.


Hormonal Therapy

It involves manipulating the endocrine system through external administration of hormones. They are used to treat hormonally responsive cells and tissues such as breast, prostrate, endometrium, and adrenal cortex. The effect is produced as a mechanism to alter the gene expression that can lead ceased growth and even death of cancer cells


Laser Therapy

It involves use of laser light to remove certain cancer and pre cancerous cells. It is often administered through a thin tube or endoscope, which is inserted through the body to a particular site of delivery. The positive effects are less bleeding and minimal damage to the nearby normal tissues. The newer techniques use FEMTO lasers, which use a smaller beam of light as compared to the conventional beam of lasers.


Photodynamic Therapy

This form of therapy combines use of certain drugs and nontoxic light at certain wavelengths to destroy the cancer cells by sensitizing them. It leads to a chemical destruction of the cells, which take up or consume the photosensitizer.


Radiation Therapy/Surgery

Use of ionizing radiations or X-rays to target a certain part of the body to kill the cancer cells. It can be used either as a curative form of treatment or as an additional for of treatment. The area to be exposed is selected very carefully and proper diagnostic tests to preserve the nearby healthy tissues. The therapy works by damaging the DNA of the cancerous cells. The common techniques are Gammaknife (precise, powerful and particularly used for brain tumours, skull base tumours and other brain disorders), image guided (uses of imaging techniques to direct a beam of radiation to the actual site), Novalis radiosurgery (a much faster and efficient technique which can treat misshaped tumors), cyberknife (it delivers high dose radiations at extreme accuracy through a non invasive, pain free treatment) etc.


MRI Guided HIFU Technique

HIFU stands for High intensity Focused Ultrasound, the technique involves high intensity ultrasound waves targeted at a particular site. It is a hyperthermia therapy which uses a lens to focus the ultrasound which can heat and coagulate the targeted cancerous and precancerous tissues.



It is mainly aimed to remove the cancerous and pre cancerous tissues. A newer form of technique called robotic is already popular and followed to treat and operate a variety of cancers. The technique is computer and robotically assisted with the help of well-trained surgeon who manipulates the robotic arms through a telemanipulator.

  • Some of the cancers commonly treated are Breast, Prostrate, uterus, Kidney, bladder, Gastric, Throat, Intestine, Brain, oral, lymphomas, gastric, cervical, Esophagus, leukemia, Eye, congenital or from birth, pancreas, lungs, etc..
  • Special care and preventive measures are taken for post treatment complications and methods to reduce harmful side effects.

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