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Stress Test

A diagnostic test used to analyze the heart’s ability to react to external stress/exercise etc. whichhelps to determine the condition of the heart. They typically compare the coronary circulation of the patient at rest and under stress by imitating diseases such as heart attack. It is done under controlled conditions and under strict supervision to avoid any test related complications or effects.



A diagnostic medical imaging technique to visualize the arteries, veins and heart chambers. It is done under aseptic conditions where a small catheter is inserted through a blood vessel, which is used to inject a radio contrast dye. This dye then helps us to assess any blockage or narrowing of the lumen using Computed Tomography or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan. Earlier the approach was only limited to femoral but now has also been developed trans radial and sheath less approach.


Angioplasty using Drug Eluding Stents

This is performed mainly with an aim to increase the lumen size of an atherosclerosed artery. A procedure done to mechanically widen or increase the size of the lumen of the obstructed vessels of the heart. It involves inserting a stent and maintaining the patency of the blood vessels supplying blood. The conventional for of treatment only involved using a metal stent but newer techniques include using drug-elutingstents, which prevents restenosis.



It is a technique used to treat peripheral artery disease. It is done with an aim to remove the excess deposited fat & calcium in the vessels by minimal invasion.The technique using four different types of devices which are selected by the treating surgeon. It is newer form of technique as compared to angioplasty and has a benefit of less barotrauma to vessels, less procedure time, faster patient recovery, decreased systemic complications and a provision to repeat the process in case of fresh or new blockages.


Heart Bypass using Minimally Invasive Technique

It is performed to relieve the heart from coronary artery disease and angina. The lumens of arteries and veins supplying blood to the heart narrow and obstruct the blood flow to the heart. Previously shifting the patient on a heart lung machine and stopping the heart was used to bypass the blocked arteries using patients own vein. However, the newer process of bypassing the blocked artery is performed on a beating heart and does not require the use of heart lung machine. This also requires us to make an incision as small as 5 to 10 cms known as minimally invasive technique.


Heart Valve Replacement

There are four main valves in the heart, which can be affected by various, conditions such as infections, calcifications, inherited collagen diseases. These can affect the blood flow and may cause leakage or backpressure if the valve does not open or close properly. Presently it can be replaced with a mechanical (developed by man) or a bio prosthetic (valve of other organism) valve. The surgery of choice can be either percutaneous (trans catheter method) or through the skin or robot assisted surgery which is performed by a well-trained surgeon or specialist.

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