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Mastoidectomy Done as a Microscopic Surgery With no Visible Scar

The mastoid cells are located behind the ear in the skull, and often get diseased secondary to an infection often referred to as otitis media. The surgery involves removal of infected or damaged mastoid air cells that can lead to complications such as brain abscess, dizziness, meningitis etc. The infection if spreads to the temporal bone it may lead to hearing loss.


Ethmoidectomy using FESS Technique

The ethmoid cells are located between the eyes and the bridge of nose and are infected commonly referred to as sinusitis. The surgery performed is the key treatment and is commonly performed with an aim to remove the partition between the sinuses, which often get blocked and clogged. The FESS technique involves the use of an endoscope and a special instrument call microdebrider that carefully perform the surgery without damaging the normal tissue. The benefits of this technique as compared to earlier techniques are immediate relief from symptoms and as it is minimally invasive technique it is associated with lower risk of infection and faster recovery time.


Adenoidectomy using Coblation Technology

Adenoids are lymphoid tissues that help us to fight infections located behind the nasal passages. These can infect commonly and may get enlarged and lead to breathing obstruction especially in children. Adenoidectomy is a surgical procedure that is aimed to remove adenoids using newer techniques such as coblation. This technique mainly combines the use of radio frequency with a natural salt solution to remove the infected tissue quickly and safely. As compared to traditional procedure that would use heat, often lead to bleeding and damage to surrounding tissue.



Tonsils are another set of lymphoid tissue located in the pharynx and the tongue region. They may also get infected and are commonly removed using coblation techniques.


Sinus Surgery Using Coblation& Rapid Rhino Techniques

Sinus are air cavities present in the passages of nose which are present in four pairs. These may commonly get infected are require surgical treatment if longstanding and not relieved by the help of medications. If left untreated it may lead to meningitis, brain abscess and cellulitis. The surgeries are performed using newer techniques that lead to better & faster recovery with less damage to nearby healthy tissues.


Septoplasty using Endoscopes

The septum is a bone in the nose, which separates the left from right. A deviated nasal septum is displaced to one side of the nose that can lead to obstructed airflow and surgery is the choice of treatment. It is performed to treat deviated nasal bone/septum to provide better airflow.



These are overgrown polypoidalmasses that arise from the mucous membrane of nose and paranasal sinuses. They are often through an endoscopic procedure if medical treatment is unsuccessful.


Cochlear and Bone Conduction Implants

Cochlea and other bones in the middle ear help in conduction of sound impulses and helps in hearing. The cochlea or bones can get damaged and lead to deafness. The surgical technique in use can replace the damaged cochlea or other bone using a cochlear and other bone conduction implants. These are electronic medical devicesthat help in conduction of sound with the use of a titanium implant, abutement and a sound processor, which helps in transmission of vibrations to the inner ear.


Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid nodules are lumps that arise within a normal thyroid gland. They can either be fluid filled/cysts, hard or mixed, these can also progress to cancerous growths. The surgery can be done specific to the patients assessment and a decision to do either a lobectomy or total thyroidectomy or a completion thyroidectomy.

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