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Hospitalization & Medical Treatment

Our team of doctors and medical experts ensures that the best doctors treat you. With our vast network of 3000+ hospitals we help you in choosing the right hospital keeping in mind your medical condition, your country of residence and your budget.


Nurses & Doctors Can Visit Hotel

It is possible that you may require nursing care at your hotel after getting discharged from the hospital. We will arrange well trained nursing staff to attend to your medical needs at your hotel.


Air Ambulance

If you need immediate evacuation from your country of residence to the country of treatment, you can depend upon us. Our team is experienced in arranging and managing Air Ambulance services in Africa, Asia and Europe having managed this service for various insurance companies for more than a decade.


Invitation Letter & Visa Documentation

Each country has its own set of rules for medical visa and other documents to allow entry in the country for treatment. This documentation can be frustrating for a person in another country. Our team and our travel partners are experienced in arranging the requisite documents. Should you need our assistance in arranging travel documents, we would be happy to do it so that you have a hassle free travel experience.


Airport Transfers & Ticket

Our travel partners plan and arrange the most effective travel routes and air tickets to keep your cost in control. We will also arrange to pick you up at the airport so that you do not have stand in queues to get a cab or be anxious about entry into a new country. We arrange travel and transport options keeping in mind your medical condition.


Local Conveyance

You may need local conveyance to commute between the hospital and your hotel. You may also like to explore the city where you are getting treated. Our team will arrange an appropriate local conveyance keeping in mind your budget and comfort.


Interpreter Facilities

We do not let language be an obstacle during your stay for treatment. If you do not speak the local language we will arrange a trained interpreter for you. Our interpreters are well versed in medical terminology and provide the right bridge between you and the doctors.


Value Accommodation

We have a network of more than 500 hotels, guesthouses and apartments. We arrange for your local stay suiting your requirements and within your budget. We also keep in mind that the hospital should be easily accessible for relatives/attendants to visit the hospital.


Local Food

India has a vibrant food culture going back thousands of years. We are sure you will enjoy Indian food. But all said and done there is nothing like home food. We try that you don’t miss home and go the extra mile to arrange for your local food.


Local Mobile Sim & Handset

We arrange a local sim card and mobile handset if required for you to stay connected and family back home well informed.


Leisure Tours

India is among the most sought holiday destinations in the world with more than 7 million tourists visiting India every year.If you wish to visit some of the popular tourist destinations in India after your treatment our travel team will be glad to plan and arrange your travel within India. We will ensure that you have a more memorable stay before you head back home.



India is an exciting and reasonably priced shopping destination. Should you want to buy clothes, electronics, cosmetics, luxury goods etc., our team will be happy to assist you. We can arrange shopping tours as per your schedule. Our team will also help you in procuring daily needs goods especially if your relatives or attendants are staying in a guesthouse or an apartment and your duration of stay is long.

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